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Here are 7 things people have said about 50 Things

“Comedy gear up there with Bert Fegg. Funny and thoughtful. A hard juggle.”      – Shaun Micallef

“I was snorting tea out of my nose with laughter… Fantastic!”                             – Tony Biggs, 3RRR FM

“A surely unique seesaw between uplifting thoughts and mad jokes. So many forms no-one has thought to parody before, hilariously done… I loved it.”                       – Tony Martin

“Awesome. Funny as f**k, inspiring, quirky, more pearls of wisdom than the swine deserve!”                                                                                            – Tim Ferguson

“This is the most thoughtful book – perfect to ponder the small gifts that life has to offer that are actually huge in the scheme of life. EQUALLY, this book makes me properly LAUGH OUT LOUD. The dry wit and brilliant illustrations have flawed me. I haven’t chuckled like this into the pages of a book for a very long time. It’s a cracker. I’ve bought a couple more as it makes a great gift for family and mates too. I love love it…and so does my Mum.”                                                              – Amazon reviewer Em

“A vibrant and hilarious ode to gratitude. Open at any page and be affirmed and amused by the author’s gentle humour and warm humanity.”                                                    – Amazon reviewer Maithri

“If, like me, you’ve struggled through the last two or three years, you need some affirmation and, to quote Ian Dury, reasons to be cheerful (and grateful). Here they are, brilliantly delivered by Stephen Hall, but in the voice of your favourite teacher/mentor/best self. I found myself reading, then re-reading bits aloud to my kids. Buy two: one to keep, and one for that friend who needs a lift.”                                                  – Amazon reviewer John