50 Things To Be Seriously Grateful For Today*

* and 50 not-so-serious things to illustrate them

is the latest book by Stephen Hall, veteran TV comedy writer and author of Symphony Under Siege and How To Win Game Shows...

After a quick look out the window the other day, Stephen Hall thought it might be an idea to remind himself – and you – of some things worth being grateful for.

50 Things, in fact.

from memories of people you’ve loved, to the taste of your favourite food…

from being able to read, to having your rubbish collected each week…

from visual art, to instant access to all the knowledge in the world…

from this morning’s sunrise, to dogs (they don’t even have to be yours).

And to illustrate these 50 hand-picked things, he’s included a bunch of not-so-serious clippings, excerpts, articles and assorted ephemera that have never been seen anywhere before. Ever!

This is a book like no other. Inside, you’ll find:

  • The world’s most passive-aggressive flowchart

  • The comic strip Grumps, the Extremely Irritable Scottish Terrier

  • A collection of 10 limericks about buttering toast

  • A page from the visitors’ book on the moon

And much, much more.

Join Stephen for some gentle and timely reminders that the glass is half-full, after all… and that even getting the glass in the first place was a bonus!

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